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Film contracts signed for The Churchills!

April 3, 2012

I am still working on the historical novel (working title LEGACY), which is set in the early years of the reign of Elizabeth I and which should be completed by the end of April – at least in draft.

The paperback of The Churchills is to be published on April 11th in the UK and shortly afterwards in the USA. Meanwhile, I have signed contracts for the screen rights for The Churchills with David Aukin, who – among a string of amazing films produced the powerful TV miniseries ‘The Promise’ last year.

I will not be doing any talks this year but I have agreed to do just two events as favours. The first will be a small playlet at Hardwick Hall in July in which as a present day TV interveiwer today I am given the opportuity to interview Bess of Hardwick (played in costume by one of the Hardwick volunteers). The second event is to take place at Holkham Hall Norfolk in September and is a two-part evening devoted to Jane Digby who spent a good deal of her child hood at Holkham. The first part of the evening will be an illustrated biography of Jane Digby. Then, after a break for refreshments, I will talk about some of my own adventures while researching Jane’s time in Syria. Monies raised for this will all go to The Norfolk Churches Trust.